February 29th - March 1st


Last Year's Winners

Facial Navigation

"Helping people that have been affected by natural disaster or have developed a disability. We developed this proof of concept to showcase how people wiithout a set of hands can still use a computer."

Flockin' in Space

"This is a 2D simulation of autonomous spaceships traversing through a plane. Built it in Java and processing libraries and used variables of Cohesion, Alignment, and Separation."

Dr. Smart Tap

"The device is usable over Google Assistant. Simply ask Doctor Smart Tap for the amount of water you need, and the device will quickly and effectively deliver the exact amount of liquid desired. The main hardware component of the device is an Arduino with a GRBL shield to control a stepper motor."


The Best Hack for Social Good

Major cities across the US and the world have been devastated by hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. We know the road to recovery is long and people are facing significant challenges as they work to recover from these historic weather events. Our help is clearly needed now and will be needed in the future when another disaster strikes.

Think about how technology can be used to aid cities impacted by natural disasters with relief and recovery. You can build off of one of the existing ideas already in the disaster relief technology landscape, or come up with new ideas that address gaps in this space.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is one of the most impactful technological revolutions in the past ten years. Thermostats, smoke alarms, light bulbs and even washing machines now communicate with our smartphones. This greater connectivity allows our homes to work for ouor benefit. Think about how technology can be used to benefit us in our homes. Build off of one of the existing ideas already in the IoT technology landscape or come up with new ideas that address gaps in this space.

Smart Cities of Tomorrow

Smart Cities of Tomorrow aims to connect technology with users on a larger scale. Think of all the problems in your town or nearest city. From connecting cars, to warehouses, to even traffic lights, Smart Cities of Tomorrow allows you to improve efficiency on a massive scale. Bring technology to its full potential and improve the world around you.

About Us

ProfHacks V

Rowan University’s student branch of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is hosting its fifth hackathon! Located in Glassboro, New Jersey and just half an hour away from Philadelphia, Rowan University is proud to host this event and welcomes anyone, from first-timers to full-stack devs. If you have a cool technology idea that you want to make happen, this event is for you!


ProfHacks will be located in Engineering Hall at 600 North Campus Drive, Glassboro, NJ 08028.


Who can attend?

Any high school, undergraduate, and graduate students are welcome to attend.

Do I need programming or hardware experience to compete?

Of course not! We encourage all to participate. We will also have workshops and mentors to help everyone who attends.

How will applicants be reviewed?

Applications will be reviewed by the ProfHacks committee and selected participants will be notified via email. Rowan students are guaranteed acceptance to this event, but will still need to apply.

How much is this going to cost me?

Profhacks is completely free! Food, drinks, and awesome swag are completely free of charge!

Where should I park?

You can park in Parking Lot D, right next to the engineering building.

What about team sizes?

The maximum number of people a team can have is four. Though encouraged, having a team beforehand is not necessary. If you want to form a team at ProfHacks, there will be a fun mixer beforehand to help you meet potential team members.

What should I bring?

You should bring some form of identification (driver's license, school ID card, etc.), laptops, phones, chargers, and sleeping gear.

What shouldn't I bring?

Tools such as power drills, Dremel drills, soldering irons, and the like are prohibited. Articles such as weapons and alcohol are also prohibited. Any competitor found to be in possession of these articles will be disqualified from the competition.

Do we have travel reimbursement?

Unfortunately, we will not be offering travel reimbursement.


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